Seven Shows in Six Days 

Like any war story, this one has guts and glory! I committed to see seven live shows of various genres, and I had just six days to do it… and, goddamnit, I did it!

And yes, I am a changed woman from the experience.

Some would say changed for the better. All I can say to the Vallarta Performing Arts scene is… you had me at Hola.

My passion for live performances led me to embark on a whirlwind journey through Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant entertainment scene from November 21 to 26th.

In just six days, I indulged in an array of musical extravaganzas, each showcasing talents from iconic tributes to electrifying drag performances. Here’s a rundown of my seven-day adventure:

1. “The Availables: Beatles Tribute Show” Tuesday, November 21 kicked off the week with a fabulous homage to The Beatles. Los Cuatro Fabulosos, as I dubbed them, added a slight Mexican accent to the wonderfully delivered hits from The Beatles over the years. I loved this show; it was truly enjoyable!

2. “Ladies Of Rock, Volume 2” Wednesday, November 22. With energy crackling in the air, I found myself immersed in an exhilarating celebration of female rock icons. Noemi Plascensia is cool. She just is. From her rocker outfit to her head-banging rock moves to her octave-bending voice, this lady rocks. Her band of world-class musicians blew my hair back. The show was a blast, radiating empowerment and infectious fun, and the only thing I would add is a dance floor. And you don’t have to love those hair-band hits from the eighties (I do) to be completely caught up by this great concert!

3. “My Favorite Songs – Starring Brenda Gavino” Thursday, November 23. Brenda is one of the hardest-working performers in Vallarta, with five or more shows at Act2PV alone. While we got an intimate look into the songs she loved, it was the show’s second act where Brenda showcased her classical training, singing beautiful traditional Mexican songs and filling the entire theatre with her operatic chops. You can see why everyone loves her.

4. “Figaro” Thursday, November 23. Rafael Velázquez’s star is rising. I was spellbound by these arias and the passion that Rafael emotes. His guest singer, Sara from Calgary, added a level of drama and “coloratura singing,” implying that Calgary, Alberta, must rival Venice in producing Opera sensations. It was another standout evening.

5. “Kim Kuzma Live at the Bow Wow Gala” Saturday, November 25. The Sula Society dog rescue and fostering organization put on a night of sheer wonderment as Kim Kuzma graced the stage with feel-good songs that got me dancing. Kim Kuzma is always impeccable, but a very different performer drew my attention that night. The auctioneer! John Curley is a world-renowned auctioneer who flew in from Seattle. With his rapid-fire barking, John mixes music and comedy into his extraordinary auctioneering, bringing the bids up and making for GREAT and surprising entertainment. Ending the night with the impeccable Mariachi La Joya de México was brilliant. The entire evening was dazzling and fantastically produced by Lizzy Kutynec and her team. The Sula Society does such important work, and those who support them are absolute angels.

6. “Casa Cupula: Big Gay Brunch” Sunday, November 26. Personally, I think using the adjectives big and gay for brunch is redundant, but it’s fun. The roving performers were a mixed bag of highs and lows for me, but the omelet station was epic. The pool-side stage offered an eclectic blend of a high-energy host, Drag Queens, and one singer I recognized from the Dream Voice team, who literally has a dream voice. One of the best parts of brunch was getting to know my new show-buff compadre, Loren.

7. “Vacare: Dance Circus Theatre Show” Sunday, November 26. Saving the best for last. I was speechless by this show, except I have so much to say about how brilliant it is! Vacare (Bah-kar-eh) delivered an unforgettable night culminating in everything I adore about theatre when you erase the limits. Evoking clowning, street performing, singing, dancing, the sea, roller skating, acrobatics, costumes and story-telling, this show was dazzling! Vacare is a story of a Tourist who vacates his life and does not return. The creative dream team of Patricia Macías, Dabit Azofeifa, Marlene Campos, Paulina Caballero and Ale Matus, with musical creator Fernando Uribe, have absolutely produced a Cirque du Soleil-level show.

Perfection was placed upon these creative souls with the costumes of legendary designer Irma Mata. The costumes, hair, and make-up design took the show to the next level, Bravo! It’s an absolute dream to have this show at Act2PV for Vallarta audiences of all ages to experience—it truly is spectacular!

That was my seven shows in six days.

Beyond the stage, My week was heightened by the camaraderie of exceptional patrons of the performing arts in this town, including, but not limited to, the names I will drop Ed & Gary, Loren, Marcia Blondin, Georgia Darehshori, Cassandra Shaw, Mikel Alvarez, Jan & Rob, and Mary Ann Runaldue. Our shared passion for quality live entertainment made the experience even more memorable, adding an extra layer of joy to an already exhilarating week of entertainment.


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