Sharing and Being Love Changes Everything 

With all the help that is now being offered on this planet– all the wisdom, all the comfort, all the understanding, all the compassion, it may be time for you to align yourself with the energies that are flowing and take a more active role in the ascension of the planet.

Ascension does not mean you will be lifted up and taken somewhere else. It simply means you will drop some of the blinders you wear to keep you limited as you hang on tightly to what is fear-based. 

And when you peek through those blinders and see ‘light,’ you cannot help but loosen your grip on your negativity and fear, and you begin to see with new eyes. Your perception has now changed, and when that happens, the world around you changes – it cannot help but change – it is your world.

You will begin to see that you are not a guest of this New Earth that we have all been collectively dreaming because you will recognize that you are this very Earth, and she lives within you, not outside of you.

You will come to know that you are the Earth, the water, the fauna and flora, the wind and the sun, the moon and the stars, and the very galaxy you find yourself currently experiencing, living in – in this Now.

This is not something ‘woo woo,’ but pure science. The ancients knew this, our great ancestors knew this, the wisdom seekers know this, and so does the new science.

While changes are definitely coming, they’re not coming in a way in which you are a static witness to things outside of yourself.

At any time, rather than passively waiting for changes to happen or waiting for the ascension or waiting to see, as if you were a passive witness, you can align yourself with this process by taking on the transformation inside of yourself and sharing this with everyone.

It doesn’t necessarily mean having conversations with people. It could be nothing more than you going beyond the confines of your body and your little house where you live in your little neighborhood and rising up in your consciousness to include and enfold everyone.

For instance, start with yourself and bring love to yourself. From the highest point, bring love to yourself. Then, let that love expand to include your family and the people closest to you so that they’re covered in this love as well.

And then, if you wish, think about your neighborhood where you live, all your neighbors, all of their houses, all of their families, and bring this love and light to them right where you sit, right where you stand. Just expand your love to include them.

Include all the people who are driving and then all the people beyond your neighborhood in the town where you might live, and bring them into your light as well. Share your love with them. Bless them, honor them, respect them, and include them in your sense of self.

Then, rise up, take your town, take your state, take your country, and bless it with your light. You are the channel through which the love flows. You are the technology through which change can happen– true change.

You are this power. You are this love. You are this peace. Share it. Make an exercise of sharing the love that you are quietly and silently with everyone.

It’s easier to do with things that are right in front of you. But, you have the capacity to rise beyond this body and to share who you really are with who everyone else is– in love. And, this will expand your sense of self far beyond your body.

You’ll realize that you’re in alignment with the hierarchy. If you say so, you’re in alignment with the structure that’s already there. There is great reward in giving the love that you are, away. It allows you to have more and more.

Go beyond the familiar. Go beyond the comfortable. Go beyond just your family and your friends and bless everyone with the light that you are.

And, in doing so, fully participate in the ascension.


  • Sandra Bradley

    Former Radio & TV host ‘Beyond Reason.’ Published writer & artist. Psychotherapist specializing in Regression Therapy, Soul Blueprint, Spiritual Mentoring, Healing, and whatever is needed 'in' the moment. Vipassana practitioner, student/teacher of A Course in Miracles since the 1980s. Sandra shares the reality of Quantum Physics & Quantum Entanglement in Metaphysical terms with those who wish to 'remember.'

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