The Heart of Springtime 

Spring is a beautiful season – the time of rebirth, renewal and revival! I can’t tell you which I love more – the birds chirping, the red tree buds turning leafy green, or the ground breaking as hyacinths, daffodils and tulips begin their journey to Grace.

We can all take a lesson from Mother Nature this year as she shows us that something new is coming in to push us in a new direction, with new purpose.  

The Numerology this month reinforces Nature’s message with  its 13/4 frequency of choice, freedom, empowerment.

4, you may recall, is about structure, form, practicality, stability. It is conventional, traditional – offering us routine, security  and safety. Internally, 4 represents our Core and asks us –  are you doubt/fear-based? Or Love/Trust based? 

13, however, expands our internal field – it moves to a different drumbeat, encouraging us to be innovative, inspiring, imaginative and initiating. None of the tried and true, the familiar, the “old  shoe” (4) works with the  1  vibration of 13. 1 is that mental vibe  that invites a new perspective, a fresh approach to living. 1 takes the lead. Breaks our rules, lets go of “tradition”.

How about you?  Ready for different, new, more?

The  3 of the 13 is that happy, joy bubble energy I’m always  talking about. 3 is all about Heart… expressing it, living it fully! Optimistic, upbeat, enthusiastic, and above all, being able to take things lightly. This is the supportive side of our nature. Creatively dynamic, 3 believes in magic! 3 recognizes we don’t have to DO… we need to BE. We don’t have to prove to deserve; we are to be in our Truth – and let that be enough!

13 is the frequency of Empowerment… and as the 8 Universal vibe of 2024 is about finding a new strength, new power (feeling good with yourself) within your-self… you have all the support you need to make the shifts to bring you to Unconditional Love!

The 5-5 Taurus portal which is coming up – again symbolized with the  two 5’s — represents the spirit of change! Change is here, and our job is to free ourselves from those things such as the Ego’s attachments & judgments in order to raise our consciousness, raise our game (10 = 5+5=10) to the Heart Consciousness that knows only Truth And Love. This Energy is really quite magical and will take you to new heights, a new journey of success and wellbeing.

What changes are necessary? How to make? I suggest you take a look at the quiz below — review it honestly to accurately assess where you’re at and what you may or may not need to shift.

  • Boundaries – are your boundaries protective (doubt based) or determined by what gives you happiness and wellbeing?
  • Are you still a “Doubting Thomas” or “Debbie Downer” in your thinking or have you converted to an outlook of Trust and Joy, seeing the Beauty in living?
  • Are you an independent – standing alone, doing it all yourself or have you moved into interdependency as you’ve gotten to know/trust yourself more and are confident enough now to maintain your sense of self (identity) in relationships?
  • Are you living off your “inner critic?” Or your “inner coach”? Can you accept and allow yourself to be who you are… the good, the bad, the beautiful — aka Unconditional Love? This is the new operational core in the days ahead.

I think you can figure out from these few questions whether you’ve been able to flip your stories to move with the New Times of Heart Consciousness!

After all, the outside world is merely a reflection of your inner world. Take the High Road by claiming your power, your authority this month in a Heart-felt way! 13/4 is here for you!

Whether you choose to empower yourself, raise your Consciousness (13) or not, please be kind to yourself during these monumental evolving times. Self-help is now Self Care!


  • Deirdre Morgan

    Deirdre Morgan is a Numerologist, Alternative Healer, and Interfaith Minister. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Vassar, spent six years at the Kairos Institute for Metaphysical and Parapsychological Studies. She is also a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Prenatal Bonding Coach, and psychic consultant. Her book, Heart Speak, is available through

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