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Where Do You Actually Live? Where Do You Actually Reside?

There has been a lot of talk and thought about the state of the Earth, the state of Gaia, and the general consensus is that things probably can’t continue at the pace they’ve been continuing without consequence.

It’s not hard to see that there’s been a proliferation of pollution of both the air and the water and that what is required to sustain life on Earth probably can’t continue at this pace.

It’s only natural this would bring up fear and denial. And, there is a sense that the Earth is so large and as human beings we are so small that maybe there aren’t consequences. Maybe it is possible to do unto others and then not experience anything happening from that.

I know that was a horrifying thing the first time explorers found a proliferation of plastic bottles in Antarctica. People throw these bottles away and they wonder, “Well, maybe they just go away or go to the bottom of the ocean.” And here they all turn up in Antarctica.

So, there’s a kind of a rude awakening to the consequences of unconscious actions. And as things become more fraught, it is only natural to think, “Where am I going to be?” “How am I going to get by?”

There could be natural disasters, financial disasters, electronic outages. There could be asteroids. All kinds of things could happen. And it’s only natural that the instinct for survival would come up.

“Where can I move if the oceans are going to rise? Where can I be so that I’m not polluted, so that I can survive?” You may think, “Well, if I wasn’t on the planet at all, I wouldn’t have to deal with these things. And, isn’t the world just an illusion anyway?”

So, why isn’t the goal to just get off the planet? Actually, Heaven is on Earth as it is everywhere. And, there is a reason for things to raise in your consciousness, such that you have to deal with them.

But the difference is this. Let’s suppose an earthquake is coming. Your first thought might be, “Where can I move where the earthquake isn’t?” But actually, imagine that someone could give you a helicopter ride. They pick you up and they say, “Okay, sit with me and let’s watch what happens on the earth.” That sounds like a good escape.

But, what you find is that what is happening on the Earth is happening inside of you. And so, the helicopter ride has more to do with where you identify. It’s not that you leave the Earth. It’s not that you don’t do what you do to be safe. It’s about where you live.

Where do you really live? Where do you reside? If you reside in a body, then you reside in fear and your movements are all designed to preserve something that can’t be preserved. It has an expiration date.

But, if you reside in who you really are, then all the things that come up are there for you to bring love to, to forgive– to forgive yourself and everyone else for everything that was done in an unconscious way to survive.

So, it’s not that you need to leave the planet. And, it’s not that you need to take off in the helicopter and separate yourself from what you see around you. It’s that your identity will not be with the things that are falling apart. Your identity will be with who you really are– which is love.

And, from that place of love, you will be able to be guided to take appropriate action for yourself and for everyone else. In that way, you can actually come to embrace whatever you’ve denied, whatever you’ve unconsciously created (or mis-created) and allow love to transform all of those things so that you can experience Heaven on Earth while your consciousness is here.

And, that will be quite delightful. Allow yourself to revisit that which you have denied. Let the feelings come up. Bring the fears to love. Let the Earth do what it needs to do to clean itself out. Because, that’s you cleaning yourself out and finally identifying with who you are, with how God made you.

That’s all you are, and that’s all you’ve ever been. It’s not something to run away from. It’s something to embrace. Let the illusions dissolve in love itself, and let yourself be in the world but not of it.


  • Sandra Bradley

    Former Radio & TV host ‘Beyond Reason.’ Published writer & artist. Psychotherapist specializing in Regression Therapy, Soul Blueprint, Spiritual Mentoring, Healing, and whatever is needed 'in' the moment. Vipassana practitioner, student/teacher of A Course in Miracles since the 1980s. Sandra shares the reality of Quantum Physics & Quantum Entanglement in Metaphysical terms with those who wish to 'remember.'


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