Where There Is Love, There Is Light

Dearest Readers,
As we move into the summer weather, I will attempt to keep my messages short and to the point which is a real stretch for me. I need this learning curve because I can easily write on and on, and overwhelm most of those who read my column.

There is a wonderful collective I often work with called ANANDA – in Sanskrit it means “joy” or “bliss” and that we all are.  We like to name and define and put things in boxes so we can somewhat understand it. 

Much of what I do or write about is difficult to explain. I will simply put it out there and you can do whatever you are comfortable doing with it. 

If it resonates with you, keep it, think about it, digest it, and attempt to live it every day. 

If not, come back to it at a later date when it may seem appropriate. Everything is energy, no matter what we perceive it to be. 

Whether it is your body, a rock, the tree outside your window, the concept of a window, whatever you perceive. Simply frequencies that vibrate at different energy levels, and energy no matter what form you perceive it in, it is Divine. That is the only thing that is real.

The following is from this group we call Ananda – 

“Where there is love, there is light, and light and strength are one as well. So fill your heart with love and master the voice of separation, the voice of division, to replace it by love and see the fruits of that mastery in your life.

Everything is first happening within.

When the light has been uncovered, and it shines with strength upon everything you see and everyone you interact with, then love is shared as well and it is felt by all those around you. And for you, bliss becomes your prevalent state of being.

Now we know that being in your world today requires lots of effort and discipline to stay in this blissful mindset. You often experience ups and downs, but this situation will improve in the next few years as your collective is evolving in a more peaceful and loving environment. 

Your practice will become easier and your joy often felt. Your smile will be permanent as well as your joy, and you will find yourself laughing much more. In fact, it will astonish you. The small self will be surprised by this state of happiness, and will lessen its resistance to Truth.

You see, light is dissolving darkness in strength and certainty. Vision and miracles appear to your awareness in this light, and all is well because all is healed as the veil of darkness subsides.

We are Ananda, and we are blissful to share these words with you.”

Thank you, dear readers, for taking a moment to read these words.

Know that we are all deeply loved as we walk this planet we call Gaia, Mother Earth, and it is we as a collective that will birth the ‘New Earth’ we have been collectively dreaming of.


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