A Day in the Life of An Awakening Mind, Part Two

In my first column, I introduced the concept of being ‘nice.’ As small children, we are taught to ‘be nice.’

The word ‘nice’ originates from the Latin nicere – to not know. There was also a saying, “You do not walk in that person’s shoes,” – so how can we judge? Can it be that simple?

If we are nice, we will no longer judge the person because we simply do not know.

Another catchphrase that has stayed with me after decades as ‘A Course in Miracles’ student and the thought of when we are offended or feel attacked, or the other person has pushed all our buttons, is this short line: “You do not know what your brother is here for.”

These words impact me and have made me think that when I encounter someone who can easily offend me and am ready to react, there is a lesson here for me to observe. I now ask myself, what is the person teaching me about me? If I do not own these feelings, how would I react?

What also caught my attention this morning when I picked up Hafiz, the Persian’s book of poetry under the piles of books on my shelf, and reread his dedication for some clarity: “To God’s magnificent masquerade —as us!” The book fell and opened to these few lines:

Why Not Be Polite

Everyone is God speaking. Why not be polite and listen to Her?

So, where am I going with this? I am not quite sure, but I will continue to see what evolves and how we can use these thoughts to make the world a better place.

Our ability to make a decision is tremendously powerful. If we decide what we are interested in or how we will feel about a certain person that will appear before us, without question, we create our own reality.

If anyone is interested in researching the science behind this truth, start with a layperson’s understanding of Quantum and Mechanical Physics.

Likewise, if we decide to be nice, to be a reflection of love, that will show up in front of us.

That is what we will see because of our decision- to just be nice, to be love and to be interested in love. What a topic! What an idea! What an experience!

What a world we would live in when we decide to be nice, to be only love. People will show us every kind of behavior and pattern of speaking; they will be great teachers.

But, you will be interested in the love behind, within, and through whatever it is they are saying.

And, if we speak into that love in them, we will draw it out. They will become what we see. They will resonate with what we identify in them and in ourselves because of our decision. It really can be that simple.

To be interested only in love and in being nice to everyone is tremendously powerful and transforming for us.

And, the more we look, the more we will see. Our decision will be its own reward. Be the love in the world, and the world will no longer be the same.

Be loving, and all your relationships change. See only love, and there will be more and more and more to see that you love.

It is completely up to us. It is our decision, our choice. Choose wisely, listen up. And remember, everyone is God speaking.

Namaste – my God recognizes your God. We are all ONE.


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