Here Comes the Cavalry Over the Hill

You’re in excruciating pain; all you want is relief as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. Here comes the cavalry over the hill – the pharmaceutical industry with its magical miniature solutions.

Let’s agree that pharmaceutical firms’ primary goal is to cure humankind’s diseases. For that, they have a right to earn enough financial reward—individual and corporate—to thrive and expand their work to cure anything that ails humankind, short or long term. 

As for evaluating how they accomplish this goal in exchange for what reward – that’s for someone of higher authority and with a far better education than mine to examine, judge and deal with.

Were it not for the big pharmaceutical companies, their research and the painkilling medications they developed, I would have been dependent on welfare, rather than being a productive member of the working class. I am forever grateful for their expertise.

In the case of my migraine condition, prescribed medication was a valuable crutch, if temporary, since today, free from migraines for nearly 40 years thanks to a combination of other therapies and lifestyle changes, I no longer need any painkillers.

From the wealth of pharmaceutical products made available to us, we can choose from an impressive list of medications that adapt to our physical, psychological needs and our lifestyles. It is up to us to be savvy consumers, to educate ourselves as to what we are ingesting. Take the time to ask your licensed medical provider to educate you and prescribe something tailor-made to your needs.

I saved myself a lot of grief by following the rules. I never exceeded the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, no matter how bad the attack. As painful as this discipline was at the time, I believe it shortened my journey to complete pain relief because I never had to contend with MOH – a Medication Overdose Headache.

Perversely, the very painkiller that is designed to relieve pain causes pain if the recommended dosage is exceeded! I did not self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs but only took what my medical doctor prescribed. I never took any illegal drugs, no matter how seductive their siren song. In hindsight, my instincts served me well, as did following manufacturers’ instructions.

What side effects are you willing or able to put up with? In my case, one medication I took over a long period caused me to be severely constipated. My doctor suggested a second medication to counter the side effects of the first medication. When I asked whether this second medication also had side effects, and might therefore require a third medication to deal with the effects of the second medication, the doctor owned that it was, indeed, a vicious circle. 

I was determined to break that circle. Shiatsu therapy, both the treatment and the lifestyle changes in diet this therapy recommends, coupled with very specific massage movements, cleared up the digestion problem. 

As I was later to discover through experience, another side effect of the medication also affected me emotionally. Already somewhat cranky because of the frequent migraine attacks, I developed the occasional flash of temper and embarrassed myself during an incident in the workplace. 

Do you begin to understand why I suggest you make a determined effort to seek competent licensed medical help, adopt tweaks in your lifestyle that will relieve you of your migraines? I not only want to spare you unnecessary pain but any embarrassment that might be headed your way. Consider learning from wisdom rather than from experience! 

One statistic out of the USA claims that 50% of migraine sufferers never consult a competent physician for an accurate diagnosis and prescribed treatment! 50%!! What a lost opportunity, what unnecessary suffering!

My journey to freedom from pain began when I first consulted a doctor, who gave me a proper diagnosis and started me on a course of painkilling medication. It changed my life for the better. 

Had I invested in pharmaceutical company stock, whatever I spent on painkilling medication, I would be further ahead financially today. Better late than never!


  • Carla Piringer

    Related to noted medical professionals, afflicted with an inherited excruciating migraine condition, the author followed traditional medical and alternative therapies, now living migraine-free for over 35 years. She now shares her doctor-recommended method in her book to inspire sufferers to find significant pain relief.

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