Jordon Carnegie Stars in Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Reprinted with permission of the author
Jordon Carnegie, as Hedwig, and Yoalli Guerrero Ortiz, the lead singer of The Lovers, as Yitzak, star in this wild classic musical show that will shock and thrill you. Jordon has performed for 20+ years and received a BroadwayWorld nomination for Best Actor in a Musical in a 2015 regional production of this play. 

He has performed this role before and has portrayed Elvis Presley for the last two seasons at The Palm Cabaret and Bar. The Lovers, with other local musicians, form the fictional rock and roll band The Angry Inch.

This landmark addition to the world of theater is a multiple Tony Award-winning Broadway play from an off-Broadway rock musical in 1998, a cult movie in 2001, back to Broadway in 2014, and a US tour in 2016. It won the Tony Award for Best Revival and has been produced and hailed all over the world in hundreds of stage productions.

The story follows transgender punk-rock singer Hedwig, a German immigrant who is the victim of a botched sex-change operation and singer of The Angry Inch. Her back-up singer and husband is Yitzak, a Jewish-Latino drag queen. 

The script describes Hedwig’s search for stardom and love ​which is told by her directly to the audience. The show is in the form of a rock concert.

The play opens with the band organizing, tuning, and testing their instruments. Then the group began playing portions of “Angry Inch.” From the side, Hedwig enters to roaring from the crowd. She is gowned in a huge, beautiful robe and a full-flowing blond wig. Yitzak removes the overcoat as told, and Hedwig then dances and lays down, “Tear Me Down.” She laments that “Life gave them an inch when they deserved a mile.” This musical production celebrates its Mexican premiere during its run here in Puerto Vallarta.

Hedwig refers to Tommy, who it becomes evident is the rock star Tommy Gnosis whose tour she is following. He seems to be her mentor and possible idol. 

The screens showed the next tune, “The Origin of Love” which is a story based on Germanic/Norse mythology, as Thor or Osiris but ruled by Zeus, king of the Greek Gods. Breaking the stream of dismay and regret, Hedwig sang about “Sugar Daddy:” “And if you’ve got some sugar for me, bring it home.” Clever lyrics brought smiles, row after row in The Palm.

Hedwig is angry and talks sharply throughout the play. She is not a happy drag woman. “Atrocity.” “Angry Inch” sums up her feelings and nearly knocks the lights from the ceiling. A humorous song followed, “Wig in a Box:” “I put on some make-up. Turn on the eight-track. I’m pulling the wig down from the shelf. Suddenly I’m Miss Punk Rock Star of Stage and Screen and I ain’t never turning back!”

“People are going to be beyond shocked to see Jordon in drag, with a German accent, taking them through a range of emotions during the show, including a ton of laughter. You won’t even recognize him,” says husband and co-producer Richard Carnegie. 

The writers expanded the original spiced with local Puerto Vallarta color as tacos and clubs for dancing and stripping. Possibly the most well-known popular song of this play judging by the audience response hearing the first lines, is “Wicked Little Town.”

Hedwig showed her inner dear being as she tried to deal with a world (and town) that did not appreciate her. “Internationally ignored.”

“Midnight Radio” climaxed the night and Jordon blasted the song so no one missed the words during this entertaining show. She gives a nod to famous victorious divas who had their own struggles but kept rocking and rolling. 

She sings that there is hope for everyone, shining and bright stars. “Lift Up Your Hands” she requested, and the audience responded with fervor and the joy of experiencing this evening which was at its conclusion. 

Jordon extended heartfelt kudos to the stage members and the many people who worked for months on assembling all the aspects involved. “You are greatly thanked.”

This is a tremendous production.

Band: The Angry Inch
Bass: Jared Garcia Gonzalez
Lead Guitar: Hugo Ramos
Drums: Marco “Zorro” Villa
Keys: Angel Balcazar

Director: Andrew Williams
Musical Director and Executive Producer: Jack Aaronson
Co-Producers: Jordon Carnegie and Richard Carnegie
Sound, Lighting and Set Designer: Colectivo Hueco
Makeup and Wig Designer: Mike Potter
Costumer: Jose Luis Casillas

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La Catrina Cantina
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Permission from Broadway Licensing, music and lyrics by Stephen Trask and written by John Cameron Mitchell.

​Photography approved by Richard Carnegie.


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