Pink: Get the Party Started – Concert Experience

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Pink, born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8, 1979, is an American singer/songwriter of edgy pop hits. Eva Jiménez’s journey from a fan who enjoyed Pink’s tunes since childhood to a performer urged to become Pink in a theatrical show is a testament to her dedication and passion for music.

Word has circulated in the community that Eva Jiménez is a special knockout not to be missed, so the anticipation was so heavy it could be cut. 

Eva appeared, stirring the wild crowd at The Palm Cabaret with the theme “Get The Party Started.” The audience was ready to comply and enjoy a musical dance party. “I see many familiar faces. I am pleased that with all the shows to see here you chose to spend the evening with us.”

Born into a family of artists, Eva was interested in music at an early age, attended music school, and developed several projects. But she returned to Puerto Vallarta in 2020, and everything changed. She fine-tuned her vocals, expressions, and dancing. Now, she has her own show as the star who tonight rumbled the full house, eliciting loud applause and shouts.

“Just Like a Pill”: “‘Stead of makin’ me better you keep makin’ me ill.” Eva sang about getting burned by love, so “Try”…singing “Gotta get up and try, try, try.” Abandoned by her imaginary husband, Eva declares, “So What” for she is still a Rock Star and has her Rock Moves.

Eva introduced her special guest Grecia Valles, who settled on a stool guitar in hand. The pair sang several songs together. These two could arrange a duet show, which would be astounding. “All I Know So Far” was a thrilling performance that demonstrated that Eva has studied Pink’s discography and chosen the songs that represent her the most.

The screens shouted, “F**in’ Perfect” and Eva busted loose about her wonderful mate. Pink lost her longtime companion unexpectedly and is trying to find a way to go on: “Who Knew” she sang, not knowing that the end had come. Slowing down for a tender ballad, seated Eva delivered “Just Give Me a Reason.” Eva mentioned she dipped into Pink’s latest CD, Trustfall, with (“You’ll Tell Me”) and “When I Get There.” She reached all the highest notes, adding more touches in her own interpretation.

The dynomite signature Pink song “What About Us” was a boisterous crowd-pleasing finale, encouraging the audience to stand, honor and respect Eva for presenting this delightful tribute. Eva has grown with guidance and has emerged from the background where she excelled in several shows to being a solitary singing star with enormous talent and stage presence. Next season promises refills of our cup of joy when hearing and seeing her on stage.



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