Vallarta Gay+ Community Center Announces Permanent Board Members 

Matt Karimi has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Vallarta Gay+ Community Center as Fundraising Chair. Alongside his husband, David Smith, Matt has already demonstrated remarkable dedication and prowess by contributing to a significant fundraising effort, amassing over 80,000 USD for the Center.

Operating as a program of VallartaCares.Org (Alacena por Amor a Vallarta), Directors Don Pickens (President) and Mike Owens (Secretary) were appointed to two-year terms. Jet De La Isla (Communications Chair), Matt Karimi (Fundraising Chair), and Mikel Alvarez (Treasurer) will serve one-year terms. 

After that year, all members will serve two-year terms in staggered periods. The Center is also seeking to expand the Board of Directors. 

“We are looking for additional board members who are passionate about our LGBTQ+ community, local to Vallarta, and can bring valuable insights and expertise to our evolving Center. This is an excellent opportunity for committed individuals to make a lasting impact on our community’s well-being,” said Don Pickens, Board President. 

Javier Jimenez, who joined the initial interim board of directors, will transition to a new advisory board that will garner more community input for the Center. “We’re delighted that Javier will continue to add his valuable input to the Center in this post,” said Mikel Alvarez, Treasurer. 

Communications Chair Jet De La Isla added, “We will be developing the Advisory Board so a broad range of community members who wish to contribute their skills and knowledge can help guide us.” 

The VG+CC has opened new offices at Morelos 101 Local 3B, Colonia Centro, above the Santander Bank by Rio Cuale and the bridge entering Zona Romantica. From this location, the Center will expand STI testing, treatment, and other vital community services. 

The Center is open from Monday to Friday, 10 am- 6 pm, providing PREP distribution and STI testing. To make an appointment for PREP or to get tested, please call +52 322 128 6793 or visit

The space includes examination and storage rooms and meeting and office spaces for the growing Center. From identifying an impending health service crisis in the loss of PREP services in Vallarta to establishing a robust organizational structure, appointing dedicated leaders, and launching targeted programs supported by public involvement, the Vallarta Gay+ Community Center is on a clear path to making a substantial difference in the lives of many. 

“We have just helped our 300th client, and we know this is just a start!” Pedro Lopez, Executive Director, added. 

The Vallarta Gay+ Community Center operates as a program of VallartaCares.Org with a mission of bringing together the diverse elements of our community to empower and help one another. 

“We are proud of the progress we have made and are eager to continue this journey with the support of our community. Together, we are building a more inclusive, healthy, and vibrant future for all,” Jet De La Isla added.

For more information, to join the Board of Directors or Advisory Board, or to support our initiatives, please contact the Executive Director at 



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