Show Stopper

Alejandro Balderas is a show-stopper—and he was born that way. In 1982, his incredibly talented mother, Maria De Los Angeles Balderas, won the OTI Galardon singing competition. 

Thrilled to win the lead spot on the coveted subsequent tour, pregnant with Alejandro, Maria was told by a producer of the show that if she wanted to go on tour, she would have to “get rid of her baby.”

That’s a show-stopper.

As we know, Maria had her son Alejandro, and continued to sing and grow her family tree, giving Alejandro a younger brother and sister (more on them in a bit), so the show does go on, and the talent lives on in her, and in her children.

Alejandro took to acting, while his siblings developed their artistry in music.

Venturing out from their home in Pueblo, Alejandro pursued his dramatic acting career in the city of Xalapa participating in various productions such as: Dangerous Relationships, Sudden Death, and Waiting for Godot. 

Alejandro moved to Puerto Vallarta a year and a half ago and presented his comedic stage show at the since-gone-legendary Incanto.

On Monday, May 20, 2024, Alejandro will bring his unique one-man hilarious play “Art Convention” to Moonlight Productions at Art Vallarta Theatre.

We shall be treated to a comedic tour de force about an artistic masterpiece: Wassily Kandinsky’s famous “Yellow-Red-Blue” painting.

In this satirical piece, Alejandro showcases his talent by portraying multiple international characters who all have a different response to the legendary painting. 

“I love playing different characters with different accents from different parts of the world,” Alejandro shares. “It’s a fun escape from yourself.”

The play, (perfectly matched for the Moonlight vibe inside Art Vallarta’s gallery) “Art Convention” promises to be clever, satirical, international, politically incorrect, and, above all, funny. 

Alejandro’s ability to seamlessly transition between characters and languages has to be seen for yourself.

Alejandro has made Puerto Vallarta his home since following his talented siblings here, who both have successful shows in town. 

His brother Mau Jimenez Balderas. performs his Bruce Springsteen tribute at Nacho Daddy, while Eva Jimenez Balderas tributes Pink at the Palm Cabaret. 

The Balderas trio are not just talented; they are generationally gifted. Their mother’s defiant and strong choices are part of the reason why.

You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience under the Moonlight at Art Vallarta Theatre up the Olas Altas hill on Calle Pilitas 213, Romantic Zone, where the little creative space is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get, except we know this Monday, we get a show-stopper.


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