What Exactly Does SkyMed Do for Its Members?

Membership has its privileges and the glowing first-hand reports of those helped by SkyMed with a serious or critical medical emergency are plentiful.

SkyMed goes beyond getting you on a plane in Vallarta homeward bound. It will provide ambulances on both ends if you’re hospitalized; it will provide a nurse escort for your flight if specified by your attending physician in Vallarta; it will provide space on the plane for your spouse or companion if you have a Family Plan; it will arrange to fly your children or grandchildren home with a chaperone; it will repatriate your cat or dog, and even have your car/boat/van taken home. 

SkyMed will also fly a friend or relative to your hospital bedside if you decide to stay in Vallarta for your treatment and even fly you home or to your hospital of choice after your procedure here to recuperate or for rehabilitation.

SkyMed is not just for your time in Mexico. For example, if you live in Calgary but are visiting the grandkids in Toronto and serious health issues intervene, SkyMed will fly you back to Alberta, where your Provincial health insurance covers you and your family physician lives.

Likewise, Americans are also protected for State to State or within State evacuations.

Upon first joining, SkyMed requires medical self-disclosure of pre-existing conditions and all prescription meds. There is a 90-day waiting period on these pre-existing conditions, but they are included in the Plan after Day 91. 

After that, if you renew on time, you never have to disclose these or any new medical conditions again. Special plans are available for those over 75 spending more than 6 months in Mexico, and they are still quite affordable. 

Finally, upon joining, membership fees are locked in and will never increase in the future with on-time renewal. 

The benefits with multi-year plans are transferable to a spouse/partner should the Member pass away. 

For anyone who travels, this membership could save their life and certainly their nest egg. 

With most SkyMed plans, your protection starts right from your home. Remember, SkyMed “Takes You Home” in a medical emergency. So, come to one of SkyMed’s seminars to find out complete details of SkyMed’s comprehensive plans.



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