The Eyes Have It!

Today’s migraine Trigger du Jour is eye strain. The more you eliminate eye strain, the better you’ll feel overall. And that’s reason enough to do something about it. 

An effective CEO knows how to delegate. Time for you to make things easier on your eyes and delegate as many tasks as possible away from the eyes.

Rather than reading what’s on your computer screen, why not have your computer read the text to you? And while you are at it—multitasking as always—lean back, close your eyes to rest them, and apply a compress of your favorite herb over your eyes—be it cooling, warming, or soothing. Loosen your clenched jaw (this minimizes the wear and tear on your teeth) and breathe more deeply.

Going to the library or bookstore? We never outgrow having books read to us – go back to your childhood and get the audio version of a book.

Try to include buying or borrowing a book or two on how to improve your health, preferably audio (lightening your eyes’ workload, remember?). Listen to the books as you exercise, do house or yard work. 

More multitasking: listening to the pleasant voice of the therapist will distract you, minimize tension buildup, inform and motivate you, AND will relax you – bonus!

If you can afford it, make the decor in your house one of muted colors, maybe less pleasing, but at least less stimulating to your eyes. 

My guess is that since diet or lifestyle tweaks that benefit the diabetes condition and, therefore, the body’s extremities, that fact will favor your eyes, which are located in the body’s periphery. If a diet or a therapy works to favor delicate tissues, including veins and nerves, then check with your doctor if they agree it’s beneficial for your eyes. 

Hardware stores now offer such inexpensive protective eyewear that there is no excuse for not wearing it the minute you are in the garage, workshop, or doing something as seemingly harmless as mowing the lawn. Protect your eyes from dust, flying shards or chips, anything falling down from above and hitting them, and even vapor from solvent or paint fumes. 

When wearing important eye protective gear such as sunglasses, do remember to allow some time to get your dose of Vitamin D by turning your face toward the sun. I’m guessing you don’t need to stare into the sun directly, that just being outside will give you enough of a dose of sunlight.

Get regular ophthalmology exams. Prevention is better than the cure, and you really want to be ahead of the curve if there is some illness lurking in the future (example: glaucoma, detached retinas!), including the reflection in your eyes of something going on elsewhere in your body. Have an eye bath solution prescribed for you and indulge in regular baths for the eyes to wash out dust and bacteria. Your ophthalmologist is the professional who can inform you. 

They do have a good sense of humor. Mine told me that I could rub my eyes as much as I wanted—as long as I did it only with my elbows! 

And be sure you drink enough water, or stay hydrated, especially in the early part of the day (so you don’t have to get up as often to pee at night). 

Invest the money you save once you give up smoking – I’ll spare you the drill about why it’s a good idea to stop, including that it’s harmful to the blood circulation in your eyes (didn’t know that one, did you?!). Do you need motivation to stop smoking? Do you have any children? Consider not allowing their education to go up in smoke. More motivation: I know a couple who encouraged each other to quit smoking. With their savings, they bought season tickets for their two favorite sports teams and got a real kick out of attending every home game. 

From what I read, the more methods you try to give up smoking, the more you are likely to succeed. There are at least 8 medically supported methods including patches, gum, and acupuncture. 

Work your way to success.


  • Carla Piringer

    Related to noted medical professionals, the author was afflicted with an inherited excruciating migraine condition, followed traditional medical and alternative therapies and has lived migraine-free for over 35 years. She shares her doctor-recommended method in her book, hoping to inspire sufferers to find significant pain relief.

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