Vallarta’s LGBTQ+ Tourism Generated $17 Billion Pesos in 2023

LGBTQ+ Tourism Makes Up 40% of Vallarta’s Tourism GDP

By Jerry Jones. This article originally appeared in Out & About PV Magazine and is reprinted with permission

Puerto Vallarta has long been a beloved destination for LGBTQ+ travelers, but the economic impact of this vibrant community has never been quantified – until now

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust released data showcasing that in 2023, the city welcomed a staggering 2 million LGBTQ+ tourists, generating a record-breaking $17 billion pesos for the local economy. 

This translates to a significant 40% contribution to Puerto Vallarta’s tourism GDP, according to Luis Antonio Villaseñor, general director of the Trust.

The influence is even more pronounced in specific areas like the Romantic Zone. Here, businesses draw up to 70% of their revenue from LGBTQ+ travelers, as highlighted by Javier Jiménez, president of the Vallarta Pride Organizing Committee and owner of local restaurants and bars.

This economic impact report marks a first for the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, established in 1996. It coincides with the 11th edition of Vallarta Pride, organized by the Civil Association of LGBT+ Businesses and Tourism of Puerto Vallarta. Notably, the event has enjoyed public support and sponsorship from the Trust for the past three years.

Vallarta Pride stands as the most significant LGBT+ pride celebration on a beach in North America,” explained Raúl Alfaro Segovia, managing partner of RPA, the public relations firm managing the event. “Furthermore, Puerto Vallarta holds membership in the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA), solidifying its commitment to this vital market.”



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