There Is a Gold Mine in Every Municipality

A municipal free library is an oasis of calm for a migraine sufferer. Does stepping into a library remind you of watching a movie about the undersea world of oceans? Muted sound envelops you as soon as you walk in. It is an escape to a world where healing silence is a jealously guarded requirement.

Just what the doctor ordered for your frazzled, pain-scourged nerves. Since the migraine condition is more than ‘just a really bad headache,’ try multitasking and layering your pain-relieving countermeasures. As you are doing one therapy, try combining it with another pain-relieving method.

Migraine sufferers have a tendency to be very demanding of themselves. As you enter the doors to the library, give yourself full marks for having made a good move, even if you walk out without having borrowed a book (That is Therapy #1 – you are taking positive action to find pain relief). The fact that you strode into this peaceful space and spent some time in its silent atmosphere is a plus. (That is Therapy #2 – the healing silence is pure relaxation) Pat yourself on the back for taking the initiative!

Be sure you bring a water bottle (That is Therapy #3 – drinking enough room temperature water daily feeds your brain). Migraine sufferers are too hard on themselves, and that includes not listening to their bodies when the latter sends out the simplest requests. Few of us are like the late Queen of England with her reputation of having ‘iron kidneys,’ so start by using the restroom so you don’t have to jump up from the reading area later (That is Therapy #4 – the kidneys help to rid your body of toxins – cleaning the blood).

Now, we will add to your RQ – your Relaxation Quotient – by improving your education.

Libraries create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and want to stay:

A library is like a zero-calorie candy store – where to start? What to choose? – There are stacks after stacks to choose from: books to read, audio versions, Braille texts, videos, CDs, computers – a treasure trove of information on all the world’s knowledge.

Many municipal libraries are part of a network of libraries that share material – if your municipal library does not carry it but another library does, the inter-library delivery van that serves the network of libraries can deliver the material to your library for you to borrow on your local library’s terms and conditions – usually free of charge. Ask your librarian to help you find appropriate texts on the subject (That is Therapy #5 – reaching out to someone whose job is in the helping professions is a beneficial social interaction.)

Is a book you’ve found on pain relief one you are interested in for your personal collection? You can spend hours at the library skimming through its books, to be sure. There are tables and chairs, benches, sofas, easy chairs, picnic tables outside, grassy areas, and seating areas on marble floors among miniature jungles of potted plants and bushes… (That is Therapy #6 – changing the focus and the chemistry of your brain from generating ‘I’m hurting’ hormones to beneficial hormones of ‘I can try this to get rid of the pain.’)

Contribute to freeing your house of clutter by donating to the library material you no longer need from your home collection. Even if the library was not waiting with bated breath for your book, it could be sold at their garage sales, and the money used to buy materials library members want. (That is Therapies #7 and #8) – Tidying up and ridding your living space of clutter has a freeing effect – not just in your physical space, but emotionally. And donating – practicing altruism in all its forms – is another healing action.)

Are you beginning to see how easy it can be to layer your therapies? What is a series of simple actions are creating a drip, drip, drip of pain-relieving beneficial hormones produced by your brain at the head, and your body doing its share, benefiting your system and creating greater well-being for you.


  • Carla Piringer

    Related to noted medical professionals, afflicted with an inherited excruciating migraine condition, the author followed traditional medical and alternative therapies, now living migraine-free for over 35 years. She now shares her doctor-recommended method in her book to inspire sufferers to find significant pain relief.

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